In 2017, Anna Chirkova returned to Estonia after working as a civil engineer in the UK and Russia. One of the first things to surprise Anna was the biting Baltic wind that overtakes the senses from October onwards in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. In locals, it promotes a survival instinct - you either stay indoors, or dress appropriately. Unable to find a suitable hat, Anna decided to design a voluminous hood of the kind that would cover her head, and that of her pregnant sister. 

That hood became a chaperon, double-sided, with deep pockets, and capable of being wrapped or tied in multiple ways. The product reflects the diversification in headwear that can be seen in the trendier parts of Tallinn and neighbouring areas today. The chaperon is a kind of supersized and endlessly versatile hood, which eliminates the need for hats, scarves, or gloves, and is a friend and guardian in the eternal fight against wind and rain. You can see our range of chaperons, and our Woolenky bespoke boots, on our Shop page.

After just one Instagram post, Anna and her family company, B’MOR Studio, received its first orders. In two years, around 200 chaperons have been made and delivered to happy customers. The philosophy of B’Mor Studio is to help customers stay warm and stylish, whatever the weather. Everything they do is grounded in smart, timeless and environmentally-conscious design principles.

Now B’MOR Studio wants the rest of the world to benefit from the warmth and protection of its signature chaperon, and from its complete range of products, all tried-and-tested in some of Europe’s most aggressive weather patterns, in Estonia.

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